The Thundermans' cast then and now: What are the actors up to now? (2023)

Thundermans is an American superhero TV show that premiered on Nickelodeon in 2013. The series stars – Kiara Kosarin, Jack Griffo, and others – wowed the fans with their excellent performance for four seasons. But unfortunately, the series wrapped up in 2018, forcing the cast to go separate ways. So, where is The Thundermans' cast now, and what are they doing?

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Why did The Thundermans stop? The Thundermans TV show wrapped up after its fourth season, during which it passed the 100-episode mark. Nickelodeon did not give an apparent reason why the show was cancelled.

The cast and crew had been uncertain about the future of the series at the beginning of the fourth season. Fortunately, the writers were informed in advance, allowing the show to conclude naturally.

Once the TV show ended, most of The Thundermans cast and crew moved on to other projects. Others took time off acting to either rest or concentrate on other things in their personal lives. Where is The Thundermans' cast now?

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1. Kira Kosarin

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Kira Kosarin plays the role of Phoebe Thunderman, one of the main protagonists of the series and a member of the Thundermans family. She is the daughter of Hank and Barb, twin sister to Max, and the older sister to Billy, Nora and Chloe.

After The Thundermans ended, Kira moved on to several other projects. Initially, she got minor acting roles in TV shows such as Knight Squad, Double Dare, Good Trouble, Lucky, and All About The Washingtons. Then, in 2019, she got a recurring role in the TV show Light as a Feather. Most recently, she was cast in the 2021 film, Supercool.

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Are Max and Phoebe really twins? Phoebe plays Max's twin in the show. However, they are not twins in real life, nor are they related. Instead, people think they are due to their on-screen relationship and the time they spend together off-screen.

2. Jack Griffo

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Jack Griffo plays the role of Max (Maximus) Octavius Thunderman. He is Phoebe's twin sister and the older brother of Nora and Billy. Initially, he aspired to be a super-villain but became a hero.

After Thundermans, Griffo moved on to several other projects. He landed roles on TV shows such as Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever, Alex & Katie School of Rock, Knight Squad, and SEAL Team. He also starred in the 2020 TV film, The Christmas High Note.

Who is Max Thunderman's girlfriend? In Thundermans, Max's on-screen girlfriend is Ryan Newman, who plays Allison in the Thundermans. She is an environmental activist attending Hiddenville High – though they later break up. In real life, Griffo is dating Mia Beyer, an Instagram model.

3. Diego Velazquez

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Diego Velazquez plays the role of Billy Thunderman, Phoebe and Max’s younger brother and Nora and Chloe’s older brother. He is portrayed as somewhat slow-witted, though very cheerful and optimistic.

After Thundermans wrapped up, Velazquez landed a role on the TV show Zoe Valentine, where he portrays the character of Brody. In post-production, he has also been featured in two films, Astrokid and Hail the Squash.

4. Addison Riecke

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Addison Riecke plays the role of Nora. She is the younger sister of Phoebe, Max, and Billy, and the older sister of Chloe. She is shown to be mischievous, often playing pranks on her siblings.

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After the end of the show, Riecke got a role in the show, A Girl Named Jo, playing the character of Cathy. She also starred in the 2018 film Banana Split. On top of that, she has taken to modelling, appearing for several brands and in magazines.

Are Billy and Nora twins? No, they are not twins, neither on the screen nor are they related in real life. However, due to their great on-screen chemistry, many fans of The Thundermans TV show have mistaken their characters for being twins.

5. Rosa Blasi

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Rosa Blasi is a beautiful American actress who plays Barb Thunderman in the TV show. She is the mother to Phoebe, Max, Billy, Nora and Chloe, and Hank’s wife. Like the rest of the family, she is a super-powered hero.

Before being cast in The Thundermans, Blasi had an extensive acting portfolio. She appeared in TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful, Hitz, Strong Medicine, Make It or Break It, and Lone Star. She also starred in The Grudge, Lesser of Three Evils, and Making Changes.

Since leaving the show, Blasi has appeared on the TV show Team Kylie, and Coop & Cami Ask the World. She has also taken a bit of time to concentrate on her education. In 2019, she earned a master's degree in clinical psychology and received a license to practice as a marriage and family therapist.

6. Chris Tallman

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Chris Tallman is an American actor who plays the role of superhero father and husband – Hank Thunderman in the show. He is Barb’s wife, and Phoebe, Max, Billy, Nora, and Chloe’s father. His character possesses a range of superpowers, such as flying and super strength, which he uses to fight villains or hilariously attempt to carry out normal day to day tasks.

After The Thundermans, Tallman landed a role in the show Hotel Du Loon, where he plays the character of Kennet Lowe. He has also appeared in TV shows Knight Squad and Hot Streets.

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7. Maya Le Clark

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Maya Le Clark is a 10-year old American actor famous for playing Chloe Thunderman on the Thundermans. She is the youngest of the Thundermans' children and possesses superpowers like the rest.

The Thundermans was Le Clark's first role, auditioning for it after choosing to follow in her sisters’ footsteps. After the show's end, she got more acting roles in the TV show Knight Squad and the 2021 film Suicide Squad. She also starred in Meredith O’Connor’s 2018 music video, Guardian Angel.

8. Audrey Whitby

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Audrey Whitby is an American actor and another of The Thundermans cast members. She plays Cherry, Phoebe’s overly cheerful best friend. She does not have superpowers and is initially in the dark about the Thundermans' special abilities till later in the series.

Whitby has a long list of acting roles before and during her time on the show. She appeared on TV and in films such as So Random!, Scared Sweet, Dog with a Blog, Awesomeness TV, Terry The Tomboy, Liv and Maddie, and Accidental Switch.

9. Helen Hong

The Thundermans' cast then and now: What are the actors up to now? (10)

Helen Hong is an American actor, producer, director, and stand-up comedian who plays Mrs Wong in The Thundermans. She is the Thundermans' neighbour and an owner of a pizza restaurant. She has an antagonistic relationship with the family and even exposes them after figuring out their identities.

Before the show, Hong appeared in several films and TV shows such as Parks and Recreation, Jane the Virgin, and Inside Llewyn Davis. After the show's end, she landed several roles in films and shows such as Smothered, Splitting Up Together, Silicon Valley, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen. In addition, she appeared in the 2021 TV show, Never Have I Ever.

If you are wondering what The Thundermans' cast and crew have been up to, the above is a look at their latest updates. While the show’s ending was a sad chapter for many fans, you can keep up to date with them on their new ventures. You should also be on the lookout for any new projects they might have.

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