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Are you wondering why you should read this post?

And thinking, “What’s new to me here?”

What if I promise that by reading this post, you will learn examples of valuable persuasive texts to master essay writing service the subtle art ofhow to write a blog article?

What if I also promise that you will start thinking about building your text more persuasively and effectively, reasoning strategically to get the attention of your reader?

If you’re still reading, I’ve achieved my goal.I wrote a persuasive opening.And if you’re assigned to write compelling text – be it for the company blog, a landing page or newsletter – you should keep reading and checking out our examples of persuasive texts.

The Art of Persuasive Texts

The term “persuasive” is an adjective derived from the verb “persuade”, which means “to convince someone”.An example of persuasive text is replete with all the compelling techniques a writer can employ.

It presents a situation and takes a stand – either for or against it to prove to readers that it is beneficial or harmful to them.

Why persuasion?

If people are already aware of everything, why persuade them?The answer is that each person’s ability to see and understand things depends on their vision.She believes only in what she sees or is informed about.

If another side of the coin is shown, people will not believe so easily on one side only.That is why arguments supported by evidence, statistics and facts are presented.Persuasion is used to generate:

  • Reciprocity– emotionally touches people by giving them something;
  • Commitment– ensure a small commitment and then build your arguments on it.People do not want to go back on their initial commitment, so they are more likely to agree on new terms;
  • Social Proof– statements from trusted people;
  • Authority– clear and perceived expertise;
  • Empathy– people are more likely to buy if they like you, so be friendly;
  • Shortage– of product, supply or time;this need not be real, just noticeable.

Difference between a persuasive text and an argumentative text

A persuasive text is meant to persuade readers to do certain things or not to do.The writer’s sole purpose is to persuade or persuade readers to do certain things or act.

Already the argumentative text is intended to make readers see the two sides of the coin.It is up to them to choose either side.

In other words, an argumentative text presents both arguments;both for and against something and let the readers decide.

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Persuasive text, on the other hand, is meant to get readers to do certain things.Therefore, it presents arguments only on one aspect of the problem.

Examples of persuasive texts

Persuasive writing is very common in advertising where marketers try to persuade people to buy something.But it can also be used in many other situations.

Here are some examples of persuasive texts in the marketing communication of some well known companies in the market.

Example # 1: Basecamp

Creating an example of persuasive text begins with understanding how your product or service helps your customers.And this is what Basecamp does:

“Basecamp helps you engage people with different roles, responsibilities and goals toward a common goal: to finalize a project together.”

TheBasecampis a real –time communication tool to help teams communicate on a daily basis, helping in project management.

The current page of the company’s website also focuses on showing the problems that the company’s target audience – growing entrepreneurs – goes through and offers the solution, bringing together text and image:

”We were waiting for you.
All growing companies face the same fundamental problems.Hair on fire, lots of emails, stuff everywhere.The good news?Basecamp solves all these problems.Try Basecamp for free for 30 days.

Example # 2: MailChimp

Have you run out of air while reading the Terms of Use?Or do you mark the box and accept without reading?

Using simple typing, clear headers, bookmarks, and explanations in the sidebar,MailChimp makes reading your Terms of Use a pleasure:

To use MailChimp, you must:

be at least eighteen (18) years of age and be able to sign contracts;

complete the registration process;

agree to the Terms;and

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provide true, complete and up-to-date contact information. “

Another example of persuasive text is in the current Home page of the company website.A short, straightforward text that highlights the purpose of using the tool.

In a free translation to Portuguese, this example of persuasive text states:

”Your business was born for that.
Become the brand you want to have with a smarter marketing created for great things.

Sign up for free“.

The message reinforces not only the importance of MailChimp, but also exalts the user and his business, showing how big business can make your business great too.Sounds attractive, do not you think?

Example # 3: Evernote

The persuasive text example ofEvernoteis also simple, engaging, and focused on the benefits of your products to you as a reader:

“Everything in Evernote is instantly synchronized on whatever computer or phone you use.Start working on one device and continue on to another device without ever losing your momentum. “

Another example is what is currently at the top of the home page:

”Feel organized without having to strain yourself.

Evernote helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists, so that nothing escapes through the edges.

Sign up for free.

The brand focuses 100% on the pain of its audience and shows the attributes of the product that help to solve it.Strategic words such as “free” also reinforce the persuasion strategy of the message as a whole for the user to convert.

Example # 4: Dropbox

TheDropboxtargets a wider audience.So in your marketing communication it sounds like something useful, friendly and full of empathy:

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“Even if your computer collapses or your phone” decides “to go swimming, your things will always be safe in Dropbox and can be restored in the blink of an eye.Dropbox is like a time machine that lets you undo errors and even recover files that you accidentally put in the bin. “

Following the minimalist line, another example of persuasive branding is on the landing page below.Text and form together create the perfect connection between the message and the desired action:

”Put your creative energy to work with Dropbox

Dropbox is a modern workspace, designed to reduce wasted time.So you can focus on what really matters. “

Example # 5: Apple

Applewritersare marketing poets.Rhythm, rhyme and repetition make your ads smooth and persuasive.

You can learn both from examples of persuasive brand texts and from any writing manual.

The examples of persuasive texts below are from the release of the iPhone Xr:

The title focuses on catching the attention: “The biggest thing that happened to the iPhone since the iPhone”.

Analogies are useful in describing abstract concepts such as quality.

Example # 6: Unbounce

TheUnbounceis a software to create landing pages.They use testimonials and case studies to give credibility to the service.Notice how this quote from a case study is specific:

“We managed to crawl all the way from a conversion rate of 5% to 20%.Without driving more traffic, our customer is getting four times more leads than before, “says Andrew Miller, Digital Workshop, Unbounce.

The above persuasive text example is on the page that discloses theUnbouncecalculation tool and A / B test duration.Useful tool for those who work with landing pages in their digital marketing strategy.So, the testimonial reinforces the whole argument of the page to persuade the user of the credibility of the material.

The top of the page about the tool explains what the user can expect when using it:

”Test duration and size calculator for A / B test

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Fill out the form and find out how long you need to take your test to get a valid result.This will help you avoid false positives and increase the quality of your A / B test.. “

The Truth About Writing Persuasive Texts

Writing persuasive text begins with knowing the right words and improving punctuation.

Also, it involves understanding your customers and knowing why they choose you instead of millions of other companies.

Find the audience that loves your brand.Offer a service that enchants them.

And then write in a way that makes it clear why your customers should fall in love with your service, your product, and your brand.

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